Serving Mid-Missouri --
North of Holts Summit and South to the Lake

Summary of Prices

Residential Window Types (figure higher cost for second-story windows)
1. Single/double-hung with aluminum storms (old traditional type) = $8-$12 per window
2. Double-hung with detachable screen (includes the "tilt-in" types) = $5-$7 per window
3. Roll-out single-frame with interior screen (Pella-type) = $3-$5 per window
4. Sliding glass patio doors, storm doors, etc. = $1-$2

Commercial Window Types (figure higher cost for second-story, etc. windows)
1. Plate glass without solar film = $2-$5 per window
2. Plate glass with solar film = $3-$6 per window
3. Doors = $1-$2 per door

New Residential Construction Clean-up
Figure same cost as residential plus $25/hr for scraping of tape, stickers, glue, silicon, varnish, concrete, etc.

New Commercial Construction Clean-up
Figure same cost as commercial plus $20/hr for scraping of tape, stickers, glue, silicon, varnish, concrete, etc.

By the way, I'm fully insured ...
for your peace of mind!

History of Dave's Window Cleaning

It all begins in 1974
--Hired by Paul Nitcher of Paul's Window Cleaning summer of 1974
--Worked for/with Paul parttime off and on while going to HS and then to college

1981 thru 1990
--Hired by Paul for fulltime window-cleaning after graduating from college with a BA in English
--Married Diane Scraper Summer of 1983 and established "Dave's Window Cleaning" that same summer
--Returned to college to work on Masters degree and to attain teaching certificate
--Began teaching fulltime Fall of 1984 but continued cleaning windows weekends and summers
--Accepted a teaching position at Morrison Academy in Taiwan Spring of 1990 thereby sidelining Dave's Window Cleaning indefinitely
--Returned to the States Summer of 1995 and accepted fulltime teaching position in Columbia MO
--Dave's Window Cleaning remained sidelined until the Fall of 2005

2005: A New Start
--Resigned teaching position Spring of 2005
--Dusted off Dave's Window Cleaning that Fall
--Accepted position as bookkeeper with the MFA cooperative in Freeburg MO Winter of 2006
--Worked fulltime for MFA Freeburg while cleaning windows parttime from 2006 until 2010 when the two jobs were merged
--Left MFA Freeburg Fall 2013 to turn Dave's Window Cleaning into a fulltime venture once again